Jump (Documentary Short)

Written & Directed by Anna Olafsdottir.

On her 30th birth year, Hafdis is 14cm (5,51 inches) from reaching the minimum length for participation in Women's Long Jump in the Summer Olympics in Rio 2016, which has been her childhood dream and goal through her whole career. Hafdis has just lost her trainer for 10 years and as reaching the minimum in such a tight time frame, is not enough pressure in such a delicate sport, where no trauma cannot be afforded, she is also facing the fact that moving to Sweden might be her only option to reach her goal, as her environment in Iceland has been far from supporting enough for her ability and goals. 

Living in and raised up in Northern Iceland Hafdis has all her life loved the countryside and the rural living, with her parents still living in a rural place and being involved with and loving her grandfathers sheep, she has been persisted through all her career, even when offered, to move in order to join bigger clubs in the Capital area and abroad, in spite of her obvious ability and strong competitive spirit, and unfortunately unfulfilled financial needs due to travels to competitions. Now however, she might be forced to pull up her roots in order to obtain her dream - to compete in the Summer Olympics!

Status: Finished

Premiere: 2nd og June 2017: Skjaldborg, Documentary Festival in Iceland

Production Company: NyArk Media & Skotta Film

Writer & Director: Anna Olafsdottir

Producer: Anna Olafsdottir & Arni Gunnarsson

Post production: Aðalgeir Gestur Vignisson

Music by: Fanney Kristjáns Snjólaugardóttir

Lenght: 26:37 mins