NewArk Media is an Iceland based media production company focusing on interdisciplinary approach on storytelling via film, publishing, social media and other unknown future medias. Our aim is to cause positive impact on our audience and readers.

We see everything in an abstract way, our drive is to change the world for the better one step at a time, thought by thought, word for word, in a fun, creative way driven by true vision, burning interest, professionalism and specified knowledge for every position.

Our believes consists of the idea that the human mind has the ability to expand to the unknown, but that we are hardwired to follow certain patterns, based on our environment and influence. By expanding, opening up our mind we are able to make more impact than we ever realized.

Focusing on the connections and conflicts humans experience with each other, nature and their own self through an intense combination of visuals and sound, -we strive to
tell stories that make you look at the world in a different way.

Our objective is to build long lasting partnerships in the film, music and arts industries as well as to be a part of a sustainable filmmaking movement that encourages women and minority groups to take a larger part of leading roles in the former mentioned industries.


Anna Saeunn Olafsdottir  - Director, producer and actress


 Anna Sæunn Ólafsdóttir is an Icelandic filmmaker, based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Her work includes producing, directing and writing short and documentary films. Examples of previous work is working in production of Cannes Un Certain Regard winning feature film Hrútar (Rams, 2015) by Grímur Hákonarson and Line Producer of the award winning short films Rainbow Party (Best Icelandic Short in RIFF 2015) and Salvation (2017). In May 2015, Anna won 1st price in a pitch competition in Cannes Film Festival for the short film Salvation (Frelsun). Her short film in development, Zoo-I-Side was selected for the pitch forum Euro Connetion in the largest short film festival in the world, Festival du court métrage de Clermont-Ferrand. The film will be shot in 2020.



 2018-2020 - Zoo-I-Side (Short) – Writer & Director – In development

2019 - Co - Director / Co-Producer - Miss Elisabet - A documentary short about the pioneer woman María Elísabet Jónsdóttir

2019 – Producer – NyArk Media/Filmværkstedet – The Silence of the Fish (Short) – Film by Hilke Rönnendeldt (Danish and German co- production)

2018 – Casting Director / Promotions - Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir / Askja Films - Tryggðarpantur (Feature)

2018  - Producer – NyArk Media – Turn (Umskipti) – Short film by Sesselia Ólafsdóttir, Finnish Cooperation

2018 - Co-Director - European Grandma Project (Documentary) - A film by Alenka Maly

2016- 2017 – Director / Co- Producer – Skotta film/ NyArk Media– Damaskus Rósin (A documentary about Syrian refugee resettlement in Iceland)

2016- 2017 - Director/Producer – NyArk Media– Grandma: Disa’s Diary– A documentary about my grandmother

2016 - 2017 Director/Co- Producer – NyArk Media / Skotta Film – Jump (Stökktu) (A documentary about the Icelandic longjumper Hafdís Sigurðardóttir)

2016 – Co- Producer - Þóra Hilmarsdóttir / Askja Films - Salvation (Short),– Post Production

2015 – Casting – Iceland Casting, Icelandair auglýsing, “Velkomin heim” – Icelandair Commercial, “Welcome Home

2015 – Line Producer – Eva Sigurardóttir / Askja Films – Rainbow Party (Short) - Best Icelandic Short 2015 at the Icelandic Film Awards

2015 – Assistant Producer – Askja Films / Harpa Fonn Sigurjonsdottir – Heiti Potturinn (Hot tub) (Short Documentary)

2015 - Production Crew – Grimur Hakonarson / Netop Films – Hrútar (Rams) (Feature) – In Distribution (Un Certain Regards Prix in Cannes Film Festival. Best Icelandic Feature 2015)

2014 – Director - Film School of Iceland/Vallý Sigurðardóttir – Skegla (Short 15 min)

2012 – Producer/Co-Writer – Film School of Iceland – Flökkusál (22 min)



2016 - 2018 – Akureyri Music School – Jazz Singing, composing and music production

2017 – Improv Iceland – The Harold 1 – Improvisation Study

2016 – Young Nordic Producers Club, Cannes Film Festival - The Danish Film School - Seminar for aspiring Nordic producers.

2015 – Brautargengi (Prosperity) – Nýsköpunarmiðstöð Íslands.. 15 week seminar for female entrepreneurs.

2015 Scanorama Shortcut – Filmmaking seminar for aspiring Filmmakers from Iceland and Lithuania, conducted by Scanorama Film Festival in Lithuania and RIFF in Iceland.

2015 Seminar: Scene study for film – Sigrun Sol Olafsdottir Casting Director

2014 Seminar: Clowning technique, Sólveig Guðmundsdóttir Actress/Director

2014 – Three courses in Ethnography/Folklore  - University of Iceland, Reykjavik

2010 - 2012 – Film School of Iceland – Acting & Filmmaking

2008 – New York Film Academy, Universal studios LA – 8 week Acting for film

2004 - 2007 – Menntaskólinn á Akureyri – College Degree, Science Major