Silence of the Fish

The Silence of the Fish

The Silence of the Fish


The Silence of the Fish (Short)


The Silence of the Fish is a short drama, written and directed by Hilke Rönnfeldt. The film is produced by Anna Olafsdottir and Ny Ark Media and co-produced by Julie Mai Laursen, Copenhagen. The film is funded by Erasmus+, the Danish Filmworkshop and Film Fund Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein Filmworkshop Kiel.


The story of Saga, a girl who lives with her mother Hildur on a trout farm in the Icelandic Fjords, and their struggle against the elements and the hardship of love they feel during the last summer that Saga will be in that place.


A remote fishing farm in Iceland. Here lives Saga with her mother Hildur. Hildur is trying hard to secure the economic existence of the small trout farm of the family over the next winter and daughter Saga is her only support.
But Saga is growing up and develops needs of her own. When Saga’s only source of affectionate love finds death by the hands of her mother she questions the kind of feelings that still bind her to her mother.

Hildur tries to hold on to the tightly knotted bond between her and Saga, but Saga is no longer willing to accept a life lingering for love, she decides to put her mother under a test. The outcome will decide about her future at the farm.

Status: Post Production

Director & Writer: Hilke Rönnfeldt

Production Company: NyArk Media

Producers: Anna Olafsdottir, Halldora Markusdottir, Julie Mai Laursen

Length: 15 mins

Release: Summer 2018